Energy Crop Biomass.

Our chips and pellets offer a highly attractive alternative to traditional biomass products: they are produced from sustainable energy crops, available in large volumes, and are an excellent energy source.

A sustainable energy crop

Bamboo pellets help fight climate change because the crops sequester more carbon during their growth than is released when the pellets are combusted and they are used in place of non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Our crops are dedicated energy crops suited to low grade land, do not compete with food crops and actually have the potential to improve soil quality. Please refer to our sustainability page for more information on our story.

High yields and large volumes

A key advantage of our product is our ability to supply large volumes compared with traditional biomass products. Because of the rapid growth rate of our species and our intensive planting and harvesting method, our crops yield as much as 200-220 tons per hectare per year of raw biomass, and 100-120 tons per hectare per year of dried end product. For further information about volumes and pricing please contact us.

An excellent energy source

Independent lab testing (see below) has shown that our pellets have excellent structural characteristics and a high calorific value. We are confident that our energy crop chips and pellets are very competitive against other biomass products but we always encourage our customers to test the product for themselves and are happy to provide a sample for this purpose. Contact us.

Independent lab tests
Bamboo Chips - Sept 2010

  Unit As Received Dry Basis Dry Ash-Free
Total Moisture: % 7.9    
Ash Content: % 5.4 5.9  
Volatile Matter % 76.7 83.3 88.5
Fixed Carbon % 10.0 10.8 11.5
Total Sulphur % 0.07 0.08 0.09
Chlorine % 0.07 0.08 0.09
Carbon % 42.9 46.6 49.5
Hydrogen % 5.13 5.57 5.92
Nitrogen % 0.35 0.38 0.40
Oxygen By Difference % 38.1 41.4 44.0
Gross Calorific Value KCal/Kg 4033 4379 4654
Gross Calorific Value MJ/Kg 16.887 18.336 19.486
Net Calorific Value KCal/Kg 3720    
Net Calorific Value MJ/Kg 15.575    




Energy Crop Biomass